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Feb 25, 2013

Ginger Tea!

Hello foodrats!

A few weekends ago we spent the day in Annandale, Va. One of the many places we visited was Shilla bakery, where I ordered myself a ginger tea to help myself digest the enormous dinner we'd just had at Lighthouse Cafe. I was expecting a regular old tea bag, but what I got was a wonderfully fresh brew of grated ginger and honey.

I've made ginger tea from scratch before -- in that I boiled ginger in water and just drank that. But apparently this is a thing in Korea. I have since started seeing it in the Asian grocery stores, but that stuff has sugar added.

Instead, inspired by Maangchi's food blog, I pureed* a whole bunch of ginger -- and combined it in equal parts with honey. Now I have a little jar of the stuff in the fridge ready to go whenever!

* by pureed I mean unsucessfully tried three kitchen gadgets before resorting to the microplane

-- Claire

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